The purpose of this blog post is to give you a shortlist of talks that you might have missed during NDC (Norwegian Developer Conference) 12.-16. June 2017.


NDC has just ended its 10th consecutive event in Oslo. As always, the speaker list contained big names like Troy Hunt (talking about NDC in his weekly update), Jon Skeet, Damian Edwards & David Fowler, Udi Dahan etc. (NDC didn't accept my abstract though..)

I attended two of the three days of conference sessions. Also, there were 9 (!) parallell tracks, making it impossible to attend all the sessions I wanted.

So, what did I miss? I asked my friends and colleagues which also attended the conference, followed the response on Twitter and combined this with my own shortlist - resulting in a list of sessions I want to see (stream). And hopefully this list might be relevant for others aswell.

What I didn't miss

But first, what I didn't miss that is worth mentioning:

What did I miss?

NB! Video links for all sessions are available on Vimeo or YouTube

Must see:

  • Sam Newman: "Feature Branches And Toggles In A Post-GitHub World" (abstract | stream)

  • Mark Rendle/Dylan Beattie: "It's NDC - But Not As We Know It" (abstract | stream)

  • Jad Joubran: "The (Awesome) Future of Web Apps" (abstract | stream)

  • Mark Rendle: "Brave new .NET" (abstract | <a" target="_blank">stream)

Should be good:

  • Adam Sitnik: "State of the .NET Performance" (abstract | stream)
  • Andy Davies: "Building a Serverless, EventSourced Slack clone" (abstract | stream)
  • Ben Cull: "Identity Server 4 with Angular and ASP.NET Core" (abstract | stream)
  • Brock Allen and Dominick Baier: "Implementing authorization in web applications and APIs" (abstract | stream)
  • David Fowler/Damian Edwards: "ASP.NET Core Futures Roadmap" (abstract | stream)
  • Hans Peeters/Benny Michielsen: "The blockchain: what, why and how" (abstract | stream)
  • Mark Rendle: "Why I'm Not Leaving .NET" (abstract | stream)
  • Nicholas Blumhardt: "Serilog: Instrumentation that Works for You" (abstract | stream)
  • Scott Helme: "Emerging Web Security Standards" (abstract | stream)
  • Troy Hunt: "Something Something Cyber" (abstract | stream)
  • Udi Dahan: "Microservices and Rules Engines – a blast from the past" (abstract | stream)

If I'm missing something, please use the comments section!