There are a lot of developer conferences. Most developers have a limited budget to spend on conferences. Which conferences to choose can be diffcult.
I have compiled a list of conferences I think may be relevant for a .NET developer.

If you know any conferences that you think should be on the list please leave a comment and I will consider adding it to the list.


**Warm Crocodile Developer Conference** January 15-16, Copenhagen, Denmark *WCDC is a unique conference which provide the possibility to learn from the best in our industry. Web, Languages, Patterns, Frameworks and People is what we are all about.*


**appsworld Discover the future of multi-platform apps** North America 2014 February 5-6, Moscone Center West, San Fransisco, US

**jQuery San Diego** February 12-13, Town and Country Resort in San Diego, California, US

**DeveloperWeek 2014** February 18-19, Terra Gallery, San Fransisco

**DevNexus 2014** February 24-25, Atlanta, GA, US *Come discover how the industry’s best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions to business problems. Network with other Atlanta software developers, and study real life case studies in application design and development.*

**ConFoo** February 24-28, Montreal, Canada *ConFoo is a non for profit, multi-technology conference.*

**jQuery Europe 2014** February 28-March 1, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria


**QCon London 2014** March 3-7, London, UK *QCon highlights the most important development topics driving innovation - things you should be doing now or researching for your next project - presented by the doers in our community. Our conferences bring practitioners together with attendees who influence innovation in their teams: over half of conferences attendees, for example, have team lead or higher job titles. Additionally, QCons are staged in an intimate environment that promotes high-quality learning, peer-sharing, fun, and inspiration!*

**VSLive** March 10-14, Las Vegas, US

**Fluent** March 11-13, San Fransisco, US *JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3: Put the latest in web tech into practice O'Reilly Fluent spotlights the emerging methods, tools, and technologies of the Web Platform: JavaScript, HTMl5, CSS3, and much more. Developers, UX/UI designers, and project teams come to Fluent to share their experiences and expertise—and to learn what they need to know to stay competitive.*

**jQueryTO 2014** March 15-16, Toronto, ON, Canada

**MX2014** March 16-17, San Fransisco, US *If you're managing and leading the delivery of great experiences, this is your conference. Honest talk and real-world examples about what works (and what doesn't) from the people in the trenches. Discover new approaches that can help lead your organization into the future*


**Build 2014** April 2-4, Moscone Center West, San Fransisco Videos:

**Codemania** April 4, Langham Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

**React 2014** April 7-9, London, UK *React is unlike other conferences. It will bring together a small but highly influential group of developers to explore and discuss the fundamental principles of the Reactive Manifesto and why they are important for the new generation of systems being developed. There is no call for papers - instead we have invited some of the best speakers and thinkers from our industry to share their wisdom about specific traits of the manifesto. So instead of some random selection of loosely connected talks, React will present a coherent journey through the reactive programming stack, trait by trait, UI to database.*

**Anglebrackets** April 13-16, JW MARRIOTT GRANDE LAKES, ORLANDO FL, US *anglebrackets is a conference for lovers of the web. We believe that the web is best when it's open and collaborative. We believe in the power of JavaScript and expressiveness of CSS the lightness of HTML. We love interoperability and believe that the best solution is often a hybrid solution that brings together multiple trusted solutions in a clean and clear way. We love the expressiveness of language, both spoken and coded. We believe that sometimes the most fun at a conference happens in the whitespace between conference sessions.*

**DEV Intersection** April 13-16, JW MARRIOTT GRANDE LAKES, ORLANDO FL, US *DEVintersection is an educational onsite conference for anyone who is attached to a .NET development programming project who is looking to use Visual Studio to develop apps for desktop, web and mobile platforms. We bring together some of the best speakers (and our personal friends) for a conference that is relaxed and educational, plus forward looking as you and your company start to figure out what to do with Windows 8 and Visual Studio for the next few years. Our attendees tend to be .NET software developers plus other members of their teams*

**The Next Web** April 24-25, Amsterdam, Netherlands *This year 2,500+ attendees will travel to Amsterdam to discuss the latest web trends, learn about best business practices and meet the world's influencers of technology & innovation. The Next Web Conference is the breath of fresh air bringing together the world’s leading thinkers, promising global startups and most inspiring brands to do business and share their ideas with the world.*


**Disrupt NY 2014** May 5-7, Manhattan Center, New York, NY *TechCrunch will be bringing Disrupt back to New York City to reveal an all new slate of outstanding startups, influential speakers, guests and more to the stage*

**VSLive** May 5-8, Chicago Hilton, Chicago, US

**TechEd** May 12-15, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, US *TechEd North America is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, providing the technical education, product evaluation, and community resources to plan, architect, deploy, manage and secure a connected enterprise.*

**jQuery UK 2014** May 16, Oxford, UK

**SDD 2014** May 19-23, Barbican Centre, London, UK *SDD 2014 brings together over twenty of the world’s foremost experts on software design and development, and offers delegates a choice of well over 100 in-depth technical sessions and workshops on a wide range of key topics*

**GOTO Chicago** May 20-21, Drake Hotel, Chicago, US *The GOTO Chicago program is created "by developers, for developers" where the emphasis is placed on presenting latest developments as they become relevant and interesting for the software development community.*

**DEVSUM 2014** May 20-23, Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden

During these two days the elite developers of Sweden get to together to learn about the hottest trends and techniques in software development. About 40 speakers will talk about subjects such as .NET, SASS, Github, Javascript, Compass, Rasberry Pi and Typescript. We think that a mix of swedish and international speakers will be of great value to our targetgroup and there will be sessions in both swedish and english.

**Glue Conference** May 21-22, Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO, US *topics like NoSQL, API’s, Node.js, HTML5, Backend-as-a-Service, cloud management and security, cloud storage, Hadoop, DevOps, Mobile App development, cloud platforms, and many, many others*


**Better Software/Agile Developement Conference West** June 1-6, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, US /

**NDC 2014** Norwegian Developers Conference June 2-6, Oslo, Norway Videos: *NDC is Norway’s largest conference dedicated to .NET and Agile development. Along with ProgramUtvikling, Microsoft Norge AS is also supporting the conference and doing its bit to make the event a real boost for developers in the industry.*

**Scotch on the rocks** June 5-6, Edinburgh, Scottland **Front End:** *CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Optimisation.* **Back End:** *CFML, Ruby, Groovy, node.js.* **People & Processes:** *Agile, Continuous Improvement, Building teams*

**QCon New York 2014** June 9-10, New York, US

**MonkeySpace 2014** June 9-11, Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

*MonkeySpace, formerly known as Monospace, is the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference. Want to learn more about developing for the iPhone, Android, Mac, and nix platforms using .NET technologies? How about developing games or learning more about open-source projects using .NET technologies? MonkeySpace has provided an annual venue to collaborate, share, and socialize around these topics and more.

**Geekout 2014** June 12-13, Tallinn, Estonia *GeekOut is a JVM technology conference in Tallinn, Estonia, focused on ideas and communication rather than the quantity of talks and pitches. Our sponsors and exhibitors are hand picked based on their technology and contribution to the java community.*

GeekOut in numbers:

  • 15 amazing invited talks
  • 14 great speakers
  • Hand-picked vendors @ Demogrounds
  • GitHub Tutorial by Tim Berglund
  • Kickass party

Great talks, intelligent conversations and a healthy dose of night life are among the reasons to attend GeekOut 2014.

**GOTO Training Copenhagen 2014** June 16-17, Copenhagen, Denmark

**GOTO Amsterdam** June 19-20, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands

**NSBCon 2014** June 26-27, London, UK **This two day, one track conference will welcome world leading experts and software development heroes including - Udi Dahan (NServiceBus, Particular Software), Greg Young (CQRS, Event Store), and Oren Eini (RavenDB, NHibernate). Listen to those using NSB in enterprise; both from the point of view of large companies operating complex distributed systems, to those in start-ups and early stage businesses.**

**SPA 2014** The annual BCS Software Practice Advancement conference June 29-July 2, BCS London Offices, 5 Southampton Street, London *The annual BCS Software Practice Advancement conference brings together experts and practitioners to share the latest thinking in software development.*


**Code on the Beach** August 8-10, One Ocean Resort & Spa

**That Conference** August 11-13, Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI, US *Spend 3 days, with 1000 of your fellow campers in 150 sessions geeking out on everything Mobile, Web and Cloud at a giant waterpark.*

**VSLive** August 18-22, Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, US


**FalafelCON 2014** September 20-21, Microsoft Corporation - Northern California District Headquarters, San Fransisco, US

Master your development and testing skills from world-renowned speakers including Chief Strategy Officer Steven Forte of Telerik; Falafel Software CEO, Lino Tadros, a Microsoft MVP, writer of the TestComplete Certification and training courses, and Certified Sitefinity Developer; and SmartBear's own test automation expert, Nick Olivo. With 20 speakers and over 40 deep dive sessions, you'll walk away inspired with new skills and first class industry insights. These sessions are fresh and never-before seen, ready for your eyes only.

**GOTO Copenhagen** September 24-26, Copenhagen, Denmark

**GOTO Aarhus** September 30 - October 2, Aarhus, Denmark


**VSLive** October 6-9, Washington Marriot AT Metro Center, Washington, US

**ng-europe** October 22-23, Espace Charenton, Paris, France *The goal of this conference is to gather people who are passionate about AngularJS and enable them to talk, socialize and learn from the best in the beautiful city of Paris, with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere no matter your gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Our organizers and collaborators themselves come from all around the world and are all eager to make this conference welcoming and awesome for all.*

**TechEd Europe 2014** October 27-31, Fira Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


**QCon New York 2014** November 3-7, San Fransisco, US

**Øredev 2014** November 3-7, Malmø, Sweden

**GOTO Berlin** November 6-7, Berlin, Germany

**Better Software/Agile Developement Conference East** November 9-14, Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, Florida, US /

**Clean Code Days** November 11-12, Berlin, Germany *The Clean Code Days are sperated into a Management Day and a Technical Day: The Management Day especially adresses the cost reduction by clean software. Which reasons do you have to re-engineer working software? Which advantages has the management in a long term view and how can you measure those advantages monetarily? Which value systems are of importance? What have companies to consider when they except Clean Code in a external allocation? The Technical Day targets the building of Clean Code and takes a look at the different grades a software engineer can pass through. You will find a short overview about these grades at the german speaking Clean Code Developer Initiative.*

**VSLive** November 17-21, Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, US

**Build Stuff 2014** November 26-28, Vilnius, Lithuania *Begun in 2012 this now annual conference hosted in Vilnius Lithuania brings the best of the developer world to the Baltics. The overall theme is building stuff, we have a heavy focus on lessons from trenches from the people that were there.*


**NDC London** December 1-5, London, UK